Toys for a Cause – How Pacific Pups Products developed from the need of funding for Pacific Pups Rescue

Support our dog rescue when you purchase our pet products. That toy you bought your lucky pup is helping to save another dog from a shelter.

About Pacific Pups Rescue

Pacific Pups Rescue was established in 2016 in Los Angeles, CA and has since saved almost 800 animals! 

Pacific Pups Rescue rescues dogs and cats from high kill shelters in Los Angeles, as well as takes in animals from harmful or neglectful situations, and finds them loving and committed forever homes. 

We rescue dogs mainly from Los Angeles, but have also rescued from Mexico and as far away as Kuwait. Some dogs get adopted within a day, others take years, and everything in between.

While these deserving pups and kitties are waiting to find their forever homes, they live with foster families who provide them love, care, and structure so they can learn to thrive in a home environment. 

Each animal in our care gets vet checks, and we often find these pups needing extensive medical attention, such as surgeries, dental cleanings, or specialist visits when issues such as neurological, heart, dental or renal are discovered, to name a few.
Some of the dogs and cats we take in need some help behaviorally, so we also work with trainers to help these pups build confidence and get ready for a family.

As you can imagine, these expenses are vast, and numerous times we’ve faced needing to close our doors over them.

Pacific Pups Products is born

Then in 2017 we started Pacific Pups Products, our own pet brand, to fund our rescue! We design and manufacture our pet products and sell them on Amazon, Chewy, Walmart, and A portion of all profits is donated directly to Pacific Pups Rescue, so we can continue saving lives! Our customers are directly helping us to rescue and care for more dogs.

Our top priority is safety, followed by fun, so we make sure to safety test and durability test all of our products. Our toys pass the ASTM f-963 Childrens Safety Test, and are made from only safe and non-toxic materials. Our grooming products are also safety tested and are made from safe materials and are free from harsh chemicals. The dogs in our rescue are happy to test their durability!

Check out our toys here. Each time you purchase a toy, a percentage of all proceeds goes to Pacific Pups Rescue. We also donate toys to local shelters, so pups have a way to keep busy while they wait to be rescued or adopted.

Thank YOU for helping to save a life.