How cute is Miss Summer? Summer is a 5 year old Doxie/Papillon/Shepherd mix. She has a long body and short legs and is 16 lbs. She is so sweet and friendly! Shes great with all people, and we image she’d be good with kids too, as she is very gentle. She loves to be around you and is a total lap dog!
Summer is great with other dogs, she is shy and submissive around them. She is also good with cats!
This little girl is also house trained and good in the car!
She has some separation anxiety, so she would do best with someone who is retired, works from home, or can take her to the office.
Summer is house trained, good in car and great on the leash. She loooves to go on walks, but is very calm and mellow when in the house.
She is a sweetheart who will make a great best friend!