Ricky is one of the coolest dogs you’ll meet. He is so friendly and happy. He loves all people, kids and other dogs. He is only 1 year old, so he is very high energy and has puppy-like manners. He loves to play more than anything, and can play for hours a day, so he would need a yard and/or an active person or household. He loves to run, jump, play fetch, and to play with other dogs.
Ricky is so smart – he learned “sit” and “down” the first day we got him. He learns commands very quickly and follows them.
He seems to be mostly house trained.
He likes to snuggle, be pet, and just be around you. He is only one, so he does need to learn some manners, but does learn very quickly.
Hes a really fun dog to be around and will put a smile on your face.