2 year old, 28 lb French Bulldog
Mugsy loves to play with people, other dogs and his toys.

He is a goofy, medium to high energy guy who loves to be around his people, other dogs, and loves to go for walks.

He is house trained, as long as he is let out often enough. He also rides well in the car.
Mugsy loves to sunbathe, so someone with a backyard or patio would be great.

Loves other dogs. Would do best in a home with another playful dog, but its not necessary if his adopter spends a lot of time with him

*He does have behavior issues, so needs someone not only experienced with Bulldogs, but also with behaviorally challenged dogs. He is in training, and will require continued training and work on the adopter’s end.
Mugsy is VERY in tune with the vibes of a person. He feeds off of your energy, so someone who is nervous or has anxiety wouldn’t be a good fit for Mugsy.

Needs to be in a calm, easy going home. (If people are anxious and highly stressed around him, his behavior reflects that and gets worse. When the household is calm, so is he)

He needs a quieter home, with not too many people coming in and out, and no kids.

Mugsy will bond strongly to one person in the household, and can become possessive of that person towards anyone else in the home if the proper boundaries and structure are not implimented. We will give you tips to prevent this from happening, and what to do when it does happen, and they should be strictly followed.

Has possession of furniture, so he is not allowed on furniture.

Mugsy loves sleeping in his crate with the door open, but has barrier aggression and doesn’t like when the door is shut.

He gets very attached to his person and has some separation anxiety

Mugsy also has skin allergies (typical of the breed) which need to be managed.

He is a fun, happy guy 95% of the time. He needs someone who is willing to put in the work with his training, and be patient when his behavior episodes occur.

Loves to cuddle

Because he needs an experienced adopter, we want to be sure whoever applies for him has read this entire bio. Please write “read full bio” in the subject of your email or next to his name in the adoption application. His adoption fee will be higher than our usual adoption fee.
We will be accepting applications and choosing the best suited applicant for him.