Max is a really nice, loving companion who is very well behaved. Hes an older pooch (maybe 12) who is well behaved and calm, yet has a very playful side! He loves to play and would love to have a doggie companion, and we think a younger, playful pal would be great for him! He gets along with other dogs and all people, although he is a bit hearing and vision impaired so we suggest people go slow when they meet him, as not to frighten him! Hes a sweet boy who loves you once he trusts you, which doesn’t take long!
He is exceedingly smart-figured out the doggie door in one try, and is completely house trained.
Max is also perfect in the car–he sits quietly on the seat.
He Shows ZERO aggression around food or toys–we can take toys, treats and bones away from him with no issue at all.
Max is a perfect gentleman on walks–fingertip control on the leash…no pulling at all. He also doesn’t shed much! Max is a gem, and deserves an great home!