Maggie is a beautiful brindle 5 year old, 66 lb, Staffordshire terrier mix. Shes a sweetheart! Maggie is a friendly pup, but she is nervous of new people and new environments at first. She gets scared and will tuck her tail in-between her legs. Once she sees theres nothing to be afraid of, she truly shines! She gets more and more comfortable with people and places the more she gets to know them. She loves to be around her people and can be found by yourself in the home.
Maggie is good with other dogs and loves to play with them! Maggie is a big fan of belly rubs and cuddling, too!
Shes a mellow girl in the home but likes to play outside with other dogs, go on hikes, and take naps in the sun.
She wants to please her people, and learns quickly with positive reinforcement. She is a scared girl, so she needs reassurance from her people. She is house trained.
Maggie is an amazing dog, and we love seeing her wonderful personality come out!