Labrador Retriever/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix

90 lbs

4-5 years old

House trained and walks well on a leash

While he is calm indoors and will lay down next to you when you’re working, he is an active dog and needs a lot of exercise, so needs someone with an already active lifestyle and who has a yard.

Mac needs a physically strong person, as well as someone who is firm and can work with him on his training. He will try to be the boss, so he needs someone who will not let him get away with that, preferably someone who is experienced with dominant/stubborn large dogs. He also tends to get a little territorial of the home if people he doesn’t know enter the home. His person will also need to be okay with continuing his group dog walking sessions for socialization.

He needs to go to a home without small children and without cats (getting better around them), but is fine with older children. He is good around other dogs and tends to keep to himself around them.