Luke is an adorable pup! Hes a 4 year old, 19 lb Shiba Inu mix. He is great with people when given a slow introduction and is good with other dogs. He listens really well, responds well to training, and is obedient. However, if you are not a dominant leader, he will start to test you! He needs someone who will be consistent with his training and letting him know you’re the leader of the pack, so he doesn’t feel the need to become possessive of you, which he will if you let him.

He likes to play with other dogs, and play outside, and also likes to just hang out with you. He is medium energy. Luke is great in the car and is crate trained! He seems to be house trained, too.

Because Luke needs boundaries set when he enters a new home, we will provide the first 2 training sessions with our trainer!