Hello there! My name is Lucas and I am 10 years old. Although I am older than other pups, my sight is still great, I still mostly have my hearing, and I’ll still love excitedly running to greet you when I see you! I am a sweet boy who loves the attention and reassurance from my person!

I can be very playful and enjoy meeting other hoomans and dogs, but I’m more of a siesta than fiesta type-of-pup. My past times include belly rubs and giving kisses because I’m so happy to be with my favorite hooman(s). I also like going to the office with my hooman! I love to go on long walks, and enjoy multiple walks a day. After a day of fun when you’re ready to sleep, trust me I am too; I can sleep “all night long” (thanks for the line Lionel Richie)! I like to snuggle in bed with you. I am good with calm dogs, as I tend to ignore them, but I don’t like hyper dogs or dog parks where there is too much going on. I do have food aggression around other pups, but not around people.

I am house trained and I love baths! I get excited and happily run around like a puppy after my bath. I need a home with a yard and preferably a doggy door. I love to be outside and get anxiety if I am stuck inside for too long. I hope you have a home and heart for me to enjoy the remaining years of what has been and will still be amazing!


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