Meet our handsome young boy, Cosmo! Cosmo is 2 years old, and 58 lbs of energy! He looks like a shepherd/retriever mix. He is a high energy pup who is very playful, and needs to have a yard. He loves his walks, and would be a great dog to have as a running or hiking buddy, as he needs a lot of exercise.

Cosmo is almost house trained – he was fully trained in his foster’s home after a week of training, but seems to need to relearn when he enters a new home (though he catches on quickly).
Cosmo loves to meet new people and will introduce himself and ask for pets right away. He is nervous to fully trust people, especially when it comes to putting a collar or leash on him, and this takes about a day before he will be okay with you touching his neck. For this reason, we think no small children should be in the home.
He is barky when he sees or hears something he wants to explore, so again needs a house with a yard – no apartment living for this guy!
We have not seen him around other dogs, but we think he’d be okay with them.

Cosmo is a great, energetic dog who just needs a little patience before he completely warms up and shows you his true personality!