2 years old

76 lbs

German Short Hair Pointer/Hound mix

Very friendly with all people

Good with kids

Loves to play! He likes playing with other dogs, himself, toys and with people!

Energetic – makes a great running and hiking buddy!

Calm and cuddly in the home – a giant lap dog!

Good with other large and medium dogs

House trained

Crate trained

Rides well in the car, in fact, he loves the car!

Good on a leash – pull hard sometimes but responds right away to corrections

Knows how to give both paws, sit and down! Very fast learner

He is very active and athletic – needs a lot of exercise

Needs a yard

Can hop a fence, so cannot be kept outside unsupervised

Has some separation anxiety when left alone in a new home, but it gets better/goes away the longer he is in one home, needs someone who is home often, at least at first