English Bulldog

1 year old, 50 lbs

Very friendly, affectionate and loving

Loves to play with other dogs, toys, and people

High energy – needs a lot of exercise and playtime

Loves to play in the yard

Wants to be around his people all the time

Loves to go on walks, and also loves cuddling on the couch with you


-He has a cherry eye. We did surgery to remove it, but it came back, because he lacks cartilage in his eye to hold the gland in place. He will eventually need surgery again for this (the doctor says maybe early in 2022). The doctor is being very generous and will do the surgery for free, she’ll only charge for the anesthesia costs.
-He has a torn ligament. It is not painful, but its a functional issue. Because its not giving him any mobility problems now, he does not need the surgery now. Once it starts giving him mobility issues in the future is when he will need this surgery. Hopefully this will he when hes a bit older and not as high energy, as he’ll need to be on strict crate rest after the surgery.