Once Betty trusts you she is yours forever. She is a devoted and loving dog 2 year old, 20 lb dog. That said, Betty will need a patient person who is willing to work with her on her fear of strangers and other dogs. Betty was found in an alley with her two-day old puppies, and was naturally fearful of all people. After a week, she trusted her fosters completely!

Betty loves to sleep with her person and snuggle. She is very active and super athletic. She is a loving dog that could make the right person very happy. She would do best in an active home with adults who have time to spend with her. She is still not potty trained as it appears she has never lived inside before. She loves walks but needs a gentle leader to help her control her behavior around barking dogs and new people. Betty is not a dog for a new dog owner but perfect for someone with some experience helping fearful dogs gain confidence. She has come a long way and we believe she will relax bit more once her puppies have been adopted and moved to their forever homes. Betty is a very special dog who deserves a fun and carefree life. Her first few years appear to have been pretty tough. We think