Arnold is a super handsome Shepherd mix! He is 9 years old but certainly doesn’t act it! Arnold is a strong boy who loves to go for walks and smell all of the smells! He is active and would make a good walking or hiking buddy! He is very sweet and is great with people, though we haven’t seen him around children yet. He does get protective of his people, so he needs a person who will take charge and be his leader, so he doesnt feel the need to be protective.
Arnold is a big mush and loves to snuggle on the couch with his person. He bonds quickly to his person!
He gets excited for car rides, and then calms down once you get moving!
Arnold is good with large females, and has been good around the little dogs he has briefly met. He gets nervous around some large males.

If you’re looking for a big teddy bear, Arnold is your guy!