Now’s the Time to Launch Your Pet Care Business

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People love pets, and they always have. That’s why the pet care industry will always thrive,
even in times of economic uncertainty. If you’re an animal lover with an entrepreneurial spirit,
starting a pet care business could be the perfect way to make a living doing what you love.
But as with any industry, you will need to prepare well and strategize your arrival into the market
if you hope to succeed long-term. Below are a few pet care business ideas and some
fundamental tips for getting started!
Pet Boarding
If you start a pet boarding business, notes that you’ll need to handle
an array of tasks. But if you are up for the challenge and have a passion for animals, the variety
of your pet boarding responsibilities can keep your day-to-day interesting.

As an owner or attendant, you will take on the responsibility of housing, feeding, administering
medication, and exercising pets. You will also need to keep each kennel as clean as possible.
Pet Sitting
As the name suggests, pet sitting is essentially the same as babysitting, except you are caring
for pets instead of babies. As a pet sitter, you will be able to choose the animals you look after
as well as whether you keep them in your home or the owner’s. Feeding, playing, and walking
are common tasks to expect. And if you excel at all of your responsibilities, you can quickly build
a loyal client base and a flourishing business that revolves around hanging out with pets!
Dog Walking
Perhaps the simplest type of business on this list, dog walking can serve as the perfect side gig
or introduction into other areas of the pet care industry. It’s all about keeping dogs exercised
and healthy. You would be taking busy people’s pups for regular walks each week, which would
be an excellent opportunity to improve your fitness routine too!
There are several ways to become a dog walker, such as:
● Start a private dog walking business.
● Sign up for a beginner dog walking app.
● Join an existing company.
Dog walking is quite simple, but you must know about state laws and learn how to handle dogs
with various needs and temperaments.
Dog Grooming
If you have a creative streak and love animals, becoming a dog groomer could be right up your alley. Many hairstylists start dog grooming businesses because they find it to be more fun and
fulfilling. You could start a private service out of your home, launch a mobile grooming service,
or rent or purchase commercial space. You can also let your furry clients relax in a cozy pre-
made residential dog kennel in between being dropped off and picked up.
Fundamental Business Tips
Whatever type of pet care business you choose to start, you will need to come at it with a
strategy. For example, it’s never too early to think about how you will receive payment from
customers. These days, you stand a greater chance of making a profit if you accept payments
through your website or app. With a bank account balance API, you can verify in real time
whether your customers have the capital to cover payments, and your customers can avoid
overdraft fees if they don’t have the necessary funds.

You will also need to write a detailed business plan that outlines the steps you will take in the
coming months and years. And if you want to quickly establish a reputation in your community,
Novarize suggests learning marketing basics, such as building a website, designing a logo, and
promoting through social media, email marketing, and paid ads. Look for some free or low-cost
tools to help. For example, you can use an online logo generator to create a memorable and
attractive logo. Select a logo template and then adapt it to your design needs.
There are many possibilities for starting a business if you wish to make a living taking care of
pets. Consider the ideas above, and make sure you are prepared for the business side of
things. You could be hanging out with your new four-legged companions and adding joy and fulfillment to your life in no time!


by Aurora James of

Image via Pexels

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