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Do you want to become a foster parent?

Unique Chihuahua mix

Has 1 blue eye

10 years old

14 lbs

Good with all people

Good with other dogs

Good on a leash

Pees outside if….

Chihuahua mix

7.5 lbs

Not fully house trained, working on pee pad training

Mamma to the Black Stone litter

She is cuddly, but is also fine….

Pit mix puppy


Born around 1/25/23

Mom is about 56 lbs, so will be a large dog when grown

Still a puppy but doing well on house traini….

Pit mix puppy


Born around 1/25/23

Mom is about 56 lbs, so will be a large dog when grown

Still a puppy so not yet house trained


9 years old

11 lbs

Is wary of new people and is snappy. She gets better the more she knows you, but will still snap occasionally.

Needs a hom….

106 lbs
13 years old
Good with adults, loves his people
No kids
Needs to be the only pet in the home
Has energy (acts younger than 12!), but is c….

Foster care training and mentorship is provided for anyone who would like it

Being a foster based rescue, we rely solely on fosters in order to rescue our dogs.  The number of dogs we can save is directly based on the number of fosters we have.

Fostering is completely FREE. Pacific Pups Rescue provides food, crates/gates, all things medical, and all other necessities.

PPR provides training (in person and video), and has volunteers always in reach, should you have any questions while fostering.

Fostering may be a good fit for you if :

  • You want to help save dogs in a hands-on way
  • You want a dog but cannot commit to the long-term responsibility of having one
  • You would love to have a dog but cannot financially support one right now
  • You travel a lot, or want/can only care for a dog short-term
  • You or members of your household have never had a dog before, and want to have a “trail run” before committing long-term
  • You want to make a difference in multiple dogs’ lives