Do you want to become a foster parent?

Hazel’s owner is trying to re-home her, but she will end up in the shelter if she doesn’t find a place. We need a foster for her in order to take her ….

Misty is such a sweetie! She is a senior Cocker Spaniel/Golden Retriever mix. She’s a slow mover and generally pretty low energy and easy-going. She g….

Miss Lydia is a special pup who will instantly grab your heart. Shes about 6 years old and blind.

When we first rescued her she was severely emacia….

Charlie is a cutie-pie middle-aged male Silky Terrier. While he’s generally a fun and happy guy, he does have his moods. We’re now thinking he’s start….

What??? Our big love-bug Lucas has been returned to us! He’s about 60 pounds and 10 years old. He loves people and is house-trained. He does have sepa….

5 years old
House trained and crate trained
Loves his people
Needs an experienced owner
Does not like other dogs or cats (but we are working on ot….

Arnold is a 9-year old cutie who is about 60 pounds. He’s a sweet guy, but we have realized that, after time, he tends to get possessive of his person….

Foster care training and mentorship is provided for anyone who would like it

Being a foster based rescue, we rely solely on fosters in order to rescue our dogs.  The number of dogs we can save is directly based on the number of fosters we have.

Fostering is completely FREE. Pacific Pups Rescue provides food, crates/gates, all things medical, and all other necessities.

PPR provides training (in person and video), and has volunteers always in reach, should you have any questions while fostering.

Fostering may be a good fit for you if :

  • You want to help save dogs in a hands-on way
  • You want a dog but cannot commit to the long-term responsibility of having one
  • You would love to have a dog but cannot financially support one right now
  • You travel a lot, or want/can only care for a dog short-term
  • You or members of your household have never had a dog before, and want to have a “trail run” before committing long-term
  • You want to make a difference in multiple dogs’ lives