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Nutrition Feeding Guidelines For Your Dog

In the last couple of months, pet ownership in the US has soared. More than 90 million homes in America (70%) have pets. Dogs are the most popular pets, followed
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Let’s Talk About Costs When Adopting a Dog

Adopting is a great way to rescue dogs and help animal shelters, as we’ve discussed in our article ‘Wondering if You Should Foster a Dog?’  While the post is centered
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Get Your Pet Ready for Summer

Summer brings opportunities for lots of outdoor fun with your pet, along with some challenges. It’s important to protect animals from dangers, as well as keep them comfortable and entertained.
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Now’s the Time to Launch Your Pet Care Business

Pacific Pups Rescue is finding homes for needy dogs. Learn how you can make a difference. People love pets, and they always have. That’s why the pet care industry will
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What To Do When Your Pet Has Cancer

Hearing that your pet has cancer can hit just as hard as hearing that same sad news from one of our two-legged friends. Today’s post from Pacific Pups Rescue covers some
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How To Be An Advocate For Animals In Need

If you’re a Southern California animal lover, it can be difficult to see animals who areneglected, abandoned, or in distress. Fortunately, there are numerous ways ways you canhelp. The following
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