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Available Pets

Adoptable Pets

Labrador Retriever

2 years old

House trained

Not reactive to other dogs


Well behaved

Loves walks and adventures

Good with….


Cocker Spaniel mix

2 years old, 15 lbs

Loves to play! He enjoys playing with his toys and chasing balls.

He is a young dog, so he is energe….

Tiny chihuahua alert!

6 lbs, 8 years oldVery friendly & sweet

Gets along with all people and other dogs. In fact, he’d prefer a home with ….

Great Dane

5 years old

Very sweet but shy at first, more shy around men (though does warm up to men)

Good with other dogs (mainly keeps to s….

85 lbs

Shepherd mix

10 months old

Energetic, active puppy

Good with people

Was playful with large dogs in the shelter (we have not see….


Italian Greyhound mix

3 years old

19 lbs

Sweet pup, but nervous. She takes patience and understanding to come out of her shell when it comes….


Kitten born around February or March 2021


Very friendly and enjoys cuddling with his buddy Oliver (another kitten).

Loves playing with toys



Chihuahua mix

11 years old

14 lbs (overweight)

Gets excited for walks

Rolls over for belly rubs!….


Shepherd mix

62 lbs

8-10 years old

Very friendly, well behaved

Loves all adults

Needs a home without other dogs and without….


English Bulldog

6 years old

47 lbs

Loves attention and his people. He loves to be anywhere you are!

Loves to cuddle with his people

Fine ….


Miniature Poodle

13 years old

28 lbs

Blind, Mostly Deaf

Very friendly

Loves all people and other dogs

Loves to be pet & love bell….


11 months old

44 lbs

Shepherd mix

Rescued from Kuwait!

Very friendly & happy

Medium-high energy

Good with all people &am….

9 years old

11 lbs

Is wary of new people and can be snappy. She gets better the more she knows you, but still can snap occasionally.

Needs a ….

106 lbs

12 years old

Good with people

Needs to be the only pet in the home

Has energy (acts younger than 12!), but is calm in the home


4 years old

14 lbs

Chihuahua mix

Medium-High energy


Loves attention from people

Good with other dogs

House trained

Rides well in the c….

4 years old

53 Lbs

Lab/Pit Mix

Deformed front leg, but is in no pain and can walk, hike and play just fine

Enjoys short hikes and playing ….

6 years old
House trained and crate trained
Loves his people
Needs a physically strong and experienced owner
Does not like other dogs or cats

How many dogs we can save is directly limited by how many active foster homes we have.

Dogs needing foster homes

We want to rescue more, but need foster homes to be able to do it!

Please forward along to anyone you know that may be interested. Always feel free to ask us questions about the fostering process or any of the dogs, but keep in mind, we may not know some things about the dogs, especially if they are fresh out of the shelter.
Most dogs shown have links to their Adopt-a-Pet profile…just click on the picture.

Dog difficulty rating system key:

 = Beginner/ Easy
 = Intermediate
◆ = Advanced
◆◆ = Expert

If interested in a more difficult dog, but not quite sure what it takes, ask us!

85 lbs

Shepherd mix

10 months old

Energetic, active puppy

Good with people

Was playful with large dogs in the shelter (we have not see….

CALL/TEXT (but only if you have submitted your foster application or have fostered before); If you call or text, please remember to give us your name!