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Available Dogs

Adoptable Dogs


Terrier mix

10 years old

10 lbs – lowrider (very short)

Good on a leash

Not yet house trained

Love his naps

Is scared of new people ….

Cocker Spaniel

12 years old

Mellow guy – love his naps, but also loves his walks!

Very friendly

Loves attention and pets

House trained ….

Micro Pit

45 lbs

3 years old

Very sweet dog

House trained

Doesn’t like to walk on a leash

Loves to play in a yard, and with his ball….

Pitbull mix

8 years old

60 lbs

Extremely sweet

Loves all people

Good with middle school aged kids and up

House trained

Knows “sit….

Lab mix

9 years old

30 lbs

Loves adults! Very scared of kids and teenagers (needs an adult only home)

Good on a leash

House trained


Doodle/Terrier mix

8 years old

36 lbs

Very friendly

Loves giving kisses

Loves all people

Good with other dogs

Very playful


Dachshund/Basset Hound mix

1 year old

Super friendly

Very playful

Loves all people

Loves belly rubs

Has a deformed front paw but it ….

Miniature pitbull/Bulldog mix

3.5 years old

57 lbs (but very overweight)

Good with all people

Good with other dogs

Working on house tra….

Cookie is a 1 1/2 year old cat who recently finished nursing kittens! She is friendly with all people. She is shy at first, but takes less than a day ….

Shadow is 9-years-old looking for his forever family! At first, he is cautious when meeting new people, but after patience and familiarity he will war….

Goose is a 4 year old, ~45 lb pit/chihuahua mix! He is a very friendly and happy boy, but is also a nervous and anxious pup.

We rescued from a home….

3-4 years old

Adorable low rider Pitbull

Tiny Pit at 45 lbs

Good with all people – her foster calls her “a peach!”

Not good with other ani….

Chica is a 12 year old 8 lb Chihuahua mix. Shes very sweet and loves other dogs, but can be shy of new people at first. She warms up quickly, but she ….

10 year old Chihuahua mix

9 lbs

House trained, but does mark initially

He is the type of pup who needs to come to you when hes ready. He is a….

10 years old
We think he’s a mini schnauzer poodle mix
Loves other dogs and cats
Loves walks, despite having arthritis in one leg, and loves to s….

Miss Lydia is a special pup who will instantly grab your heart. Shes about 8 years old and blind.

When we first rescued her she was severely emacia….

5 years old
House trained and crate trained
Loves his people
Needs an experienced owner
Does not like other dogs or cats (but we are working on ot….

Arnold is a 9-year old cutie who is about 60 pounds. He’s a sweet guy, but we have realized that, after time, he tends to get possessive of his person….

Stella is a 7 year old, 86 lb American Staffordishire Terrier mix! She is super sweet girl who is great with people, despite being blind! Stella can s….

Bonny is an 9 year old German Shepherd.  Shes a loving and well behaved dog who deserves the best forever home! She loves people, is good with kids, ….

How many dogs we can save is directly limited by how many active foster homes we have.

Dogs needing foster homes

We want to rescue more, but need foster homes to be able to do it!

Please forward along to anyone you know that may be interested. Always feel free to ask us questions about the fostering process or any of the dogs, but keep in mind, we may not know some things about the dogs, especially if they are fresh out of the shelter.
Most dogs shown have links to their Adopt-a-Pet profile…just click on the picture.

Dog difficulty rating system key:

 = Beginner/ Easy
 = Intermediate
◆ = Advanced
◆◆ = Expert

If interested in a more difficult dog, but not quite sure what it takes, ask us!

5 years old
House trained and crate trained
Loves his people
Needs an experienced owner
Does not like other dogs or cats (but we are working on ot….

CALL/TEXT (but only if you have submitted your foster application or have fostered before); If you call or text, please remember to give us your name!