Get Your Pet Ready for Summer

Summer brings opportunities for lots of outdoor fun with your pet, along with some challenges.
It’s important to protect animals from dangers, as well as keep them comfortable and
entertained. With a bit of preparation and the following tips from Pacific Pups Rescue, you and
your pet can enjoy the warmer months.

Avoid too much concentrated heat
Closed cars can quickly heat to temperatures that are unbearable for animals. The layer of fur
they have also affects their comfort level. Dogs cannot sweat the way humans do, they cool off
by panting and only the nose and paw pads can perspire. So so don’t leave your pet in a car, even
if you think the temperature outdoors is comfortable. If the pavement feels too hot to touch with
your hand, then it’s too hot for the paw pads of your pet. Try walking them early in the morning,
or in the evening. Some dogs will wear booties to protect their paws, although not all pets will
tolerate this solution.

Stay chill with water and a cool place

Make sure your pet has access to clean water at all times. When you go for a walk, bring along
water and a bowl. Swimming is a great summer exercise for your dog, and a way to stay cool,
too. All dogs don’t enjoy swimming, and if yours does not, don’t try to force it. Before taking
your pet to the beach, a river, or a lake, educate yourself on tides, currents, and algae blooms
that could be dangerous. A backyard kiddie pool full of fresh water is a way for them to cool off
and splash around without needing to swim. If your animal will be out in the sun, apply pet or
human sunscreen to nose, paws, and other vulnerable areas. Make sure there are shady areas
where your pet can retreat to cool off, and as the season begins it’s a great time to wash and
refresh their bedding.

Visit the vet
In many areas, summer is the time when fleas, ticks, and heartworms become more prevalent.
Visit the vet and make sure your animal has been treated with the needed preventatives for your
area as well as any area you plan to travel to with your dog. Although proper care should
prevent heat stroke, learn the symptoms, and at the first sign of trouble head to the vet. Health
insurance for your pet is worth considering, particularly if your animal is still relatively young, you
could save money on vet bills. Finding California pet insurance is very similar to buying health
insurance for humans. Before you select a plan, consider premiums, deductibles, what services
are covered, and be sure to look at customer reviews.

Get your summer supplies
There are so many products for helping your pet stay cool. Although you may decide to buy a
few things, you can also use what you have on hand, like freezing your pet’s favorite treats in
ice cubes for a super cooling snack. You might want to get a cooling collar or vest that can be
dipped in water or refrigerated to help your pet chill. Pet cots that allow air circulation can be
wonderful places for your furry friends to relax. Cooling mats are filled with a pressure-sensitive
gel that absorbs heat from the animal and cools them as they rest on it. Dog life jackets can be
critical if you are taking your pet to a body of water. You might consider a paw-activated water fountain for your pet. Whatever products you’re considering, take time to read customer reviews
first to be sure you’ll be getting useful and reasonably priced items. Here is a great place to find
pet care advice from both vets and customers.

With some planning and preparation, your pet can have a wonderful summer, and you can be
assured that they’ll be safe and healthy. When in doubt, offer water and a shady place to rest,
and remember that any animal with a fur coat will get overheated faster than you do.


Now’s the Time to Launch Your Pet Care Business

Pacific Pups Rescue is finding homes for needy dogs. Learn how you can make a difference.

People love pets, and they always have. That’s why the pet care industry will always thrive,
even in times of economic uncertainty. If you’re an animal lover with an entrepreneurial spirit,
starting a pet care business could be the perfect way to make a living doing what you love.
But as with any industry, you will need to prepare well and strategize your arrival into the market
if you hope to succeed long-term. Below are a few pet care business ideas and some
fundamental tips for getting started!
Pet Boarding
If you start a pet boarding business, notes that you’ll need to handle
an array of tasks. But if you are up for the challenge and have a passion for animals, the variety
of your pet boarding responsibilities can keep your day-to-day interesting.

As an owner or attendant, you will take on the responsibility of housing, feeding, administering
medication, and exercising pets. You will also need to keep each kennel as clean as possible.
Pet Sitting
As the name suggests, pet sitting is essentially the same as babysitting, except you are caring
for pets instead of babies. As a pet sitter, you will be able to choose the animals you look after
as well as whether you keep them in your home or the owner’s. Feeding, playing, and walking
are common tasks to expect. And if you excel at all of your responsibilities, you can quickly build
a loyal client base and a flourishing business that revolves around hanging out with pets!
Dog Walking
Perhaps the simplest type of business on this list, dog walking can serve as the perfect side gig
or introduction into other areas of the pet care industry. It’s all about keeping dogs exercised
and healthy. You would be taking busy people’s pups for regular walks each week, which would
be an excellent opportunity to improve your fitness routine too!
There are several ways to become a dog walker, such as:
● Start a private dog walking business.
● Sign up for a beginner dog walking app.
● Join an existing company.
Dog walking is quite simple, but you must know about state laws and learn how to handle dogs
with various needs and temperaments.
Dog Grooming
If you have a creative streak and love animals, becoming a dog groomer could be right up your alley. Many hairstylists start dog grooming businesses because they find it to be more fun and
fulfilling. You could start a private service out of your home, launch a mobile grooming service,
or rent or purchase commercial space. You can also let your furry clients relax in a cozy pre-
made residential dog kennel in between being dropped off and picked up.
Fundamental Business Tips
Whatever type of pet care business you choose to start, you will need to come at it with a
strategy. For example, it’s never too early to think about how you will receive payment from
customers. These days, you stand a greater chance of making a profit if you accept payments
through your website or app. With a bank account balance API, you can verify in real time
whether your customers have the capital to cover payments, and your customers can avoid
overdraft fees if they don’t have the necessary funds.

You will also need to write a detailed business plan that outlines the steps you will take in the
coming months and years. And if you want to quickly establish a reputation in your community,
Novarize suggests learning marketing basics, such as building a website, designing a logo, and
promoting through social media, email marketing, and paid ads. Look for some free or low-cost
tools to help. For example, you can use an online logo generator to create a memorable and
attractive logo. Select a logo template and then adapt it to your design needs.
There are many possibilities for starting a business if you wish to make a living taking care of
pets. Consider the ideas above, and make sure you are prepared for the business side of
things. You could be hanging out with your new four-legged companions and adding joy and fulfillment to your life in no time!


by Aurora James of

Image via Pexels

What To Do When Your Pet Has Cancer

Hearing that your pet has cancer can hit just as hard as hearing that same sad news from one
of our two-legged friends. Today’s post from Pacific Pups Rescue covers some of the basics of
what to do if your pet has cancer. Keep in mind that no single article on the internet can help
you fully prepare, so it is always best to talk to your veterinarian if you have additional

Understand the Issue
First and foremost, your responsibility lies with yourself and accepting that cancer is a common
occurrence in pets. There was likely nothing you could have done to have prevented your
beloved pet’s illness. Cancer in animals is so common, in fact, that there is an entire
organization – the Veterinary Cancer Society – dedicated to its research and elimination.

Let the Learning Begin
There are many different types of cancer that affect animals. A few are more common than
others, however, with mast cell tumors, melanoma, lymphoma, bone cancer, and
hemangiosarcoma being more prevalent than others. Once you find out which form of cancer
you are dealing with, you will be in a better position to help your animal through the process.

Get to Know the Treatment Options

Treating a pet with cancer is similar to helping a human recover or receive palliative care. Often,
surgery is the first line of attack, and this may be coupled with chemo or radiation therapy. Pet Care Oncology also explains that immunotherapy cryotherapy and radioactive iodine may be
possible treatments in some animals. For animals in the advanced stages of their disease,
comfort treatment may be all you can provide. Full-spectrum CBD oil, anti-inflammatories,
sedatives, and other medicines and homeopathic treatments prescribed by your veterinarian
can all assist with pain management.

Keep the Love Coming
Many people are afraid to show physical affection to their animals for fear that it will exacerbate
pain. Fortunately, as more and more pet owners are becoming aware of the issue, there is a
greater understanding of how, exactly, to interact with a sick pet. Do not forgo quality time
together. Instead, look for activities that enhance your pet’s life without causing them any undue
stress or strain. One example is to go for a short walk in lieu of playing catch. Similarly, you may
purchase them comfort items, such as a pet ramp to go in and out of the house or an orthopedic dog bed to reduce discomfort on aching bones and joints.

Create a Healthier Environment
Another great thing you can do for your pet is maintain the yard and remove allergens from the
home. You might also want to add a fence (if you don’t already have one) to keep your dog in
your yard – and prevent other animals from bothering them. This gives them somewhere to play
and feel safe. This also has an added benefit for the owner since certain upgrades to your home
can even raise your home’s value.

Watch Their Diet
Just like humans, discomfort during cancer or its related treatment may be heightened by a poor
diet. While it may be necessary to make some adjustments so that your animal’s weight stays in
check, most experts believe that quickly and unexpectedly switching foods – even if it is a
healthier option – may cause more harm than good. Changing your animal’s; food without a
transitional period can lead to gastrointestinal disturbances, which are already painfully common
during cancer treatment.
Your pet is a part of your family. And just because they are sick does not mean that you cannot
continue to give them all the love you have in your heart. But it’s a good idea to get to know the
type of cancer they have, provide care when they need it, and avoid the temptation to blame
yourself. Remember, there is no replacing man’s best friend. One final piece of advice is to seek
out a pet loss support group nearby so that you will have a network in place to help you through
the hardest part of your pet’s diagnosis, particularly if it is incurable.

by Aurora James of

Image via Pexels