Our Pups & Michael B. Jordan

Our Pumpkin Spice Latte litter are famous! Three of the puppies were asked to spend the afternoon with Michael B. Jordan, as he answered fan questions about his new blockbuster movie, Creed II, in a Buzzfeed celebrity interview.

We know the puppies had a lot of fun, and we think Michael B did, too!

Check out the full interview in the link below!


Michael B. Jordan Plays with Pacific Pups Rescue puppies!

Why Dogs Howl At Sirens

Did you ever wonder why your dog barks at the sound of sirens passing by?

Interestingly enough, dogs interpret high pitch sounds such as a siren as a form of communication. High pitch sounds are a preferred choice of communication for dogs due to the fact that they travel longer distances. You may also notice that when one dog howls, other dogs in the neighborhood may chime in as well. That’s because they feel a need to connect and communicate with another pack of dogs from a far.

However, not all dogs respond to sirens. It’s believed that dogs who don’t respond, often feel confident and secure where they are and choose to ignore the sound.

So the next time you hear your dog howl don’t be alarmed, it’s what dogs do! Remember, dogs are descendants of wolves and howling is how wolves communicate; just like your dog may do!

Charity Dog Wash Success!

This past Saturday, July 14th at the Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies on Pico Blvd, we had our first charity dog wash! The wash began at 10am with a line of dogs waiting to get pampered in the new grooming facility. Over 15 dogs, large and small enjoyed getting washed and massaged in a spa like experience for $15. The experience included shampoo, conditioner, and a blow dry.

We are very grateful for the Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies for hosting the event as they donated all the proceeds to Pacific Pups Rescue! To make the event that much better, we had a few Pacific Pup Rescue alumni come in for a visit and a wash including Vika!


(Picture: Vika’s owner, Vika, Pacific Pup Rescue Founder Kiah)

The event was a great success, we can’t wait for the next one! For information on our next dog wash and adoption events, follow us on instagram @PacificPupsRescue

(Picture: A lucky dog getting the towel treatment as his owner captures the moment!)

(Picture: It got busy at times but our helpful volunteers did an amazing job!)

Become a Foster!

Being a foster is very rewarding. You save a life. That dog or cat would not have made it out of the shelter if you hadn’t stepped up to be a foster. A rescue cannot save another dog from the high-kill shelter, from the street, or from a desperate situation, if there is no foster.

Yes fostering is rewarding, but what exactly does a foster do?

A foster takes care of a dog or cat until he or she gets adopted, or for as long as you can.  We ask you take care of this animal, and help it to learn what its like to be part of a family.  We have an adoption fair 3 weekends out of the month, in which we show our dogs and cats so that the public can meet them.

Pacific Pups Rescue will provide you with everything you need to take care of this dog or cat, so that your foster animals is at no expense to you. We provide you with all food, supplies, and cover medical needs.

We have dogs and cats of all breeds, ages, and sizes, with different personalities and energy levels! We will find the right match for you!


You save a life.

You want to volunteer with animals hands on.

Can’t afford a pet but love an animal’s companionship.

Don’t have the time to dedicate to an animal or cannot make a lifetime commitment, but want an animal’s companionship.

You don’t know if you’re ready, or if your kids or family members are ready, for the responsibility of a pet. Its a good test run.

You don’t know if the dog or cat you’re interested in will be a good fit. This is a trial run!

You are a college student and want an animal’s friendship, but know you are only living in town temporarily.


There are so many reasons to become a foster. Please visit our Foster Page today, to sign up to be a foster!